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MILAN, April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Headquartered in Milan, and with offices in Rome; Vienna, Austria; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Dubai, UAE, ORBIS Production has continued to produce high-quality video production services for businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies throughout the worldwide pandemic. During the past year, its clients have included businesses in Italy and other European countries, as well as Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

ORBIS Production is a leading Top Film and Video Production Company in Italy in 2021, according to Clutch. With over 12 years of experience in high-end video production, ORBIS Production tackles any kind of complex projects in the marketing communications field. They help clients by strengthening their brand concept and create an outstanding competitive market reputation. ORBIS knows the film industry and advertising like the back of our hands with many years of experience.
Established in 2009, ORBIS Production has worked with leading brands such as Alibaba, AstraZeneca, Christian Dior Couture and Unilever, and has more than 300 productions under its belt. Earlier this year, ORBIS was named the top video production company in Italy by Clutch, a Washington, D.C. B2B ratings and review platform.
Our team is extremely mobile and effective and we execute projects of any complexity for brands of all sizes across Italy and Europe

— Mike Lisjak, ORBIS Production's executive creative director
Unique among most European video production companies, ORBIS Production combines the functions of an advertising and marketing agency and a full-service video production company, eliminating the need to hire separate agencies for creative and video production services.

The ORBIS Production staff features a creative director, scriptwriters and video specialists, including producers, directors, directors of photography, sound engineers, editors, gaffers, casting directors and location scouts.
Best Video Production Company in Italy
Best Film and Video Production company in Italy
Among its portfolio of video productions are commercials, corporate films, documentaries, event coverage, fashion presentations and marketing videos for educational, hospitality, medical and real estate companies. ORBIS Production also produces aerial shooting from professional-grade drones, ideal for showcasing luxury real estate, construction sites and yachts.

In the era of social media, the internet and smartphones, video production is the most effective marketing tool. In 2020, more than 85 percent of internet traffic was video content and 90 percent of online shoppers say that video helps them when deciding to buy a product or service. In 2021, it is expected that more than 80 percent of all search traffic will be explicitly generated by video.

ORBIS Production capitalizes on these trends with its expert video production and digital marketing experts who get businesses on the first page of search engines.

We are ready to provide high-quality video production services anywhere in Europe and beautiful locations throughout Italy, including Portofino, Sardinia, Palermo, Lake Como and Garda, Venice, Milan, Rome, Turin and Tuscany

— Mike Lisjak, ORBIS Production's executive creative director
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