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May 2020
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This question often arises when choosing the best local photographer in Slovenia. In this article, we have collected for you the best tips and lifehacks of top local photographers in Ljubljana, Piran, Maribor, Lake Bled, Kranj and other charming cities of Slovenia, as well as the cost of a photoshoot in Slovenia!
Our best photographers in Slovenia will help you choose the suitable type of photoshoot, style and organize shooting. We conduct and provide the following types of photography:
Real Estate
Love Story photoshoot in Slovenia
Your love story is unique. The best photographers in Slovenia will help to capture it. Our task is to make you comfortable at the photoshoot, and the result will exceed your expectations. This task is handled daily by our best photographers in Slovenia. Love Story photoshoot can be organized both before the wedding and after. It is also an excellent gift for your soulmate for any reason and without. Your unique emotions in magnificent shots will be with you forever!
Marriage proposal in Slovenia
When you come to this crucial step in life, everything must be beautifully and correctly planned. On this day, everything should work like a clock. We value your time and organize a marriage proposal in Slovenia. Our professional photographers will capture your sincere emotions. After many years, photographs taken by the best local photographers in Slovenia will warm your feelings and pass on the memory to future generations.
Wedding photographer in Slovenia
Whether it is Lake Bled, one of the interiors of a medieval castle or the terrace of a beautiful hotel – this is your day in which you should not think about anything other than yourself and your loved ones. The work of a wedding photographer in Slovenia should be inconspicuous and accurate. Our professional wedding photographers in Slovenia have extensive experience and know the best angle of each frame. You need to trust us! Your comfort and vivid emotions are the keys to an excellent wedding photo that will warm your feelings throughout your life.

To discuss the details of your wedding photoshoot in Slovenia, write to us, and we will be pleased to offer you several individual options that are right for you! We also provide engagement and love story photoshoots!
Pregnancy photoshoot in Slovenia

This remarkable period is bound to be captured by the best photographers in Slovenia. Each pregnancy is unique, as are your feelings. We guarantee you a lot of positive emotions from the photoshoot. Pregnancy photography can be done either in the studio, indoors, or outdoors. The creative approach of our photographers guarantees excellent results and high-quality photographs in anticipation of a miracle for memory.
Family photographer in Slovenia
We provide family photoshoots in all cities of Slovenia. It can be a studio shoot or a photoshoot in nature. We will discuss all your wishes and offer different options before a photoshoot. Capturing the emotions of your beautiful family is priceless for us because each feeling is unique. An excellent occasion for a family photoshoot can be your meeting with relatives, a picnic, as well as holidays such as New Year, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, and other essential dates for your heart. Therefore, we love family photoshoots, and they always take place fun and at ease.
Event photographer in Slovenia
Our best event photographers in Slovenia will record your brightest events. Event shooting is our professional hobby. It is a very vibrant type of photography art. Be it a birthday, corporate event, exhibition, musical performance, or any other important event – hire a professional event photographer in Slovenia, and the coolest photos will support your memories!
Portrait photoshoot in Slovenia
Portrait photography describes your story. It allows you to reveal a person and convey the necessary mood. Our portrait photographers will help you choose the best location in Slovenia and make beautiful shots for you. A portrait photoshoot in Slovenia will allow you to get the perfect photos for any purpose. Portrait photography finds its application in various fields – for social networks, media publications and websites.
Real Estate photographer in Slovenia
To demonstrate a property for potential customers, you need high-quality photographs. A real estate photographer will be able to shoot interiors, exteriors, and also shoot your object from the air. We work with leading world real estate agencies and have conducted over 500 photographs of hotels, cottages, villas, apartments, plots, construction progress, 3D virtual tours and many other types of photography. Our real estate photographers in Slovenia are the best specialists in Europe capable of completing tasks of any complexity. Our creative studio also shoots videos of all types of real estate in Europe.
Fashion photographer in Slovenia
Our professional fashion photographers in Slovenia shot for such leading world magazines as Vogue and Marie Claire. Creating an image, choosing a location and embodying unique fashion frames is our favourite pastime. It can be a lifestyle photoshoot in Slovenia or an individual studio shoot.

We carefully take into account all your wishes and create a creative photo with the most professional approach.
Business photographer in Slovenia
Businesses in the field of services and sales need to have the right image of the company, that is formed over the years. We carefully study the client's business and offer creative ideas for an advertising photoshoot in Slovenia, which will help to raise your business to a new level and help in finding new partners and clients.

Write to us today, and we will come up with an original concept and turn your idea into a high-quality marketing tool that will work daily to increase sales.
Product photographer in Slovenia
A beautifully and correctly shot product always attracts more attention from the buyer. We know how to emphasize the attractive aspects of a product so that people want to buy it. In addition to strong product photographers, our team of photographers in Slovenia also has brilliant marketers who know all of the key trends in product photography and are versed in the psychology of the buyer. All together it gives an excellent result. Our product photos work 24/7 for you.
Aerial photographer in Slovenia
Our favorite type of photo and video. Our team consists of the best licensed drone pilots in Slovenia and Europe. Aerial shooting allows you to show the object from completely new angles. We take air shots of construction, real estate, hotels, buildings, land, cars, yachts and much more in Slovenia and Europe. Our drone fleet consists of the latest DJI quadcopter models. We also create unique drone videos using the most advanced technological solutions in Slovenia!
This is not a complete list of professional services of our photographers in Slovenia, which our creative agency is ready to offer you. For more information, visit our website Photographer in Slovenia or leave a request on the site!
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“Photography is the art of frozen time – the ability to store emotion and feelings within a frame."
Meshack Otieno
The best local professional photographers who live here, explore secret places and have great experience in photography can organize an excellent photoshoot in Slovenia. Over the past 11 years, we have assembled a unique team of the most talented photographers and videographers in Slovenia.
One of our offices is located in Ljubljana and is led by the unrivaled maestro of creative photography, Marko Mirkovic, a well-known portrait and fashion photographer in Slovenia. Marco's team consists of over 10 of the best Slovenian photographers. We professionally capture engagement and wedding photography, advertising, family and portrait photography, business and product photography, as well as real estate. Our works have repeatedly won at many international competitions, and also were head-liners at photo exhibitions in Berlin and London.

In our work, we try to provide the most comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Art and idea always come first. We make every frame unforgettable. Our team holds professional photoshoots in all the cities of Slovenia, be it the beautiful Ljubljana by its chief architect, Jože Plečnik, or the coastal Piran, or the glacial lake Bled with a unique island and the Bled Castle on a rock ledge. Our team, consisting of the best photographers in Slovenia, knows absolutely all the places where the local picturesque nature and culture allow us to maximize the potential of each photo!

Marko Mirkovič
In addition to unforgettable photographs, our professional photographers in Slovenia will show you the most beautiful places in our beautiful country. Our staff also has licensed guides in Slovenia who will create individual programs for excursions and help organize your time in our country extremely efficiently and interestingly.
We create photos as a return ticket to the moment that has irrevocably gone.
When choosing a local photographer in Slovenia, you need to evaluate the photographer's portfolio, see the photographer's reviews and social networks. Then write to the photographer you like and agree on all the wishes for the photoshoot. As a rule, we respond within 1-2 hours after the request, depending on the current load, in the letter we will indicate the prices for the photoshoot in Slovenia, our presentation and offer to exchange contacts. To order a professional photoshoot in Slovenia, contact us via any of the convenient sources of communication!
Most often, local professional photographers can be found in Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Nova Gorica, Piran, Portoroz, Koper, Kranj, on Lake Bled, Novo Mesto and other cities in Slovenia!
The ORBIS Production team, consisting of the best photographers in Slovenia, works in all major cities and regions of Slovenia, namely:
So many amazing places for photoshoots are stored in the cosy capital of Slovenia! Now we see Ljubljana exactly as it was built by the great architect Jože Plechnik in the 20th century. We live and work here for more than 11 years, and we know all the corners of this beautiful city. The most skilled photographers in Ljubljana will gladly organize an exciting photoshoot for you in this charming city!
One of the most romantic places in Slovenia for a photoshoot! It is best to come to Lake Bled with our photographers at sunrise, and then you are guaranteed to get excellent shots! The best photographers on Lake Bled daily go up to the most picturesque viewing platforms to capture the famous church on the island in the soft rays of sunlight! Your photoshoot on Lake Bled will leave the most pleasant memories!
Slovenia's second-largest city is beautiful. Arrange a photoshoot in the old square or at Maribor Castle – what could be more romantic? Our photographers in Maribor also organize a wonderful wedding photoshoot, portrait and family shooting, an advertising photoshoot, and other types of photography.
The cultural capital of Slovenia, the city of Celje, is located at the confluence of three rivers at the foot of a hill, on which rises the ancient medieval castle of Celje. In the city, there is a well-maintained forest where you can arrange a photoshoot. Located near the town of Šmartinsko Lake is also a wonderful location for beautiful photos! Our photographers in Celje know all the secret corners of the city and its environs and will be happy to guide you through them!
A photoshoot on the coast of Slovenia will forever remain in your memory! Many excellent and fascinating locations and our professional photographers in Piran guarantee you beautiful photos for the memory! A photo walk along the Piran promenade is also a great occasion to have a wonderful time in the company of our best photographers, who also often shoot weddings and events on the Slovenian coast.
Portorož is the main tourist city of Slovenia. Beautiful promenade, sea views, and always a lot of entertainment – the main visiting card of Portorož. A photoshoot in Portorož is a great way to relax and get unforgettable emotions as a keepsake. And our photographers in Portorož will take care of your comfort and excellent staff!
Koper once belonged to Venice, and the unique architecture of the city on the water has survived to this day. A photo walk in the company of a photographer in Koper will bring you a lot of pleasure, and the shots made will each time mentally transfer you to this wonderful city of coastal Slovenia!
Located on the beautiful Krka River, the town of Novo Mesto has a rich history and culture. A photo walk through the old city and surroundings such as the Otoceč Castle will give you an unforgettable experience, and our photographers will have a wonderful photoshoot in Novo Mesto.
Located on the 4th largest place in Slovenia, Kranj is one of the main historical centres of our country. A photo walk through the charming old town with a local photographer in Kranj will be full of positive emotions. And the wonderful shots made in Kranj will please you for a long time!
An excellent choice for a photoshoot will be Nova Gorica, located near the Vipava Valley. It is a paradise for lovers of wine and beautiful nature. Here you will find a wide selection of entertainment: home-made cuisine, the best wines, the beautiful Rihemberk Castle and lots of activities from kayaking on the emerald river Soča to gambling in Europe's largest casino Perla. Our best photographers in Slovenia will help capture your emotions.
Read more about the best places for photoshoots in Slovenia in our article: TOP-5 places for a photoshoot in Slovenia.
The price of a photoshoot in Slovenia depends on the goals, type and duration of the photoshoot, as well as on your wishes. The cost of an hour of a photographer in Slovenia also depends on the location and requirements of the Customer, however in this article we have prepared a general overview of prices for the services of a photographer in Slovenia.
For the convenience of clients, professional photographers in Slovenia often develop basic packages for such types of photoshoots in Slovenia as a wedding, family, portrait, etc. On the website 'Photographer in Slovenia', you can find some standard service packages. All packages are fact-finding, so if you need a different number of hours, or a different type of photography, as well as if you have other wishes for your photoshoot in Slovenia, contact us and we will always be happy to discuss the details.
As a rule, the initial cost of a professional photographer in Slovenia starts from €150 per hour. But the cost is influenced by many factors, such as the equipment owned by the photographer, the distance to the location of shooting and time.

If you are interested in advertising or business photography, then to calculate the cost you need to contact us to discuss all the details, because, in this kind of photography, creative solutions to demonstrate the product, marketing analysis and development of a selling advertising campaign are needed. Our marketers and brand managers also take an active part in advertising projects.

Since our photographers are located in Ljubljana, it's not difficult for us to organize a photoshoot in any other city in Slovenia – Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, Piran, on Lake Bled, Portorož, Koper, Nova Gorice, Novo Mesto, Celje, etc. d. Our work is based on an individual approach to each customer. We value and respect your time, therefore, for a detailed calculation, we always ask you to write us a short letter indicating the desired dates for the shooting, the type of photoshoot in Slovenia and general or specific wishes. As a rule, we respond within 1-2 hours after receiving a request to us by e-mail. You can also find out the price of a photographer in Slovenia by writing to us using any of the contacts on the site.
As we wrote above, the question of the price of professional photographer services in Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Piran, Bled and other cities of Slovenia is always agreed individually with the Customer. Different types of photography require the involvement of specialists in different fields – make-up artist, stylist, marketer, additional photographer, gaffer, producer, assistant, retoucher and so on. Our team is quite large, but mobile at the same time, which allows us to solve problems and projects of any complexity - both for you personally and for your business.

Payment for the services of photographers in Slovenia is made under an agreement. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal and SWIFT / SEPA cards. To reserve the dates and time of the shooting, each photographer takes an advance payment.

In our work, we guarantee the highest quality and fast delivery time of the finished album. As a rule, within the next few days after the photoshoot in Slovenia, you will see the first photos and the remaining ones within ten working days. We transfer ready-made photos via Google Drive, and we also produce photo books for an additional fee and print photos with DHL Express delivery.

If you are looking for a professional local photographer in Ljubljana, Piran, Bled, Celje, Nova Gorica, Novo Mesto and other wonderful cities of Slovenia, leave your request on the site and we will contact you shortly!
If you are in love with this fabulous country and need a professional photographer in Slovenia, then we are always happy to give some tips on how to better prepare for the photoshoot:
Discuss your image with the photographer in advance. Our team has professional stylists who can also help with the choice of image.
Make-up on the day of the photoshoot can be done by our make-up artists.
Discuss the idea of a photoshoot with a photographer – we will always tell you a creative look and choose the best location and time for shooting.
Specify all the details of the upcoming photoshoot - time, place, deadline for finished photos, the total number of photos with retouching, etc.
Look at the weather forecast and always have another option at the place of the photoshoot in case shooting is planned outdoors.
Relax and be yourself. Naturalness and comfort at the photoshoot guarantee excellent shots. Be positive, and everything will be great!
This is just a small part of our recommendations. In more detail, we discuss all the details and nuances before the photoshoot. Our experience allows you to work comfortably, even if this is your first professional photoshoot.
A Photographer in Slovenia will help you with choosing a beautiful place, convenient time, a suitable make-up, an individual way, and much more. Our photographers in Ljubljana, in Maribor, in Postojna, in Crane, on Lake Bled, in Celje and other cities of picturesque Slovenia are waiting for you! To order a photographer in Slovenia write to us and we will reply to you within 1-2 hours.
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