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May, 2020
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Emerald mountain rivers, alpine lakes, picturesque parks, medieval castles, peak churches and much more attract millions of tourists and photographers to Slovenia every year.

In this article, we will try to collect a small part of the most picturesque places, and also tell you why the local photographer in Slovenia is so important, who will show you the best points for unforgettable shots for extended memory.
“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything."
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Lake Bled and its surroundings

The beautiful pearl of fabulous Slovenia.
In all Slovenia travel guides, this place is on the must visit list.
Just a 30-minute drive from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, you can enjoy incredible views and have an unforgettable photoshoot. The best world photographers come here at dawn to take the same shot with a medieval castle, a magical island, and magnificent mountain landscapes.
And what a fantastic wedding they are organizing here! Climbing 99 steps on a beautiful island in the middle of Lake Bled with a bride in her arms is one of the main goals for many grooms! Thus, the future spouse will prove that he is ready for marriage. And the best wedding photographers in Slovenia can always capture the best moments. Among the main venues for organizing weddings on Lake Bled, usually choose Vila Bled, Grand Hotel Toplice, Bled Castle and the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria, which is located on an island in the middle of Lake Bled.
But not only newlyweds are attracted by photoshoots on this fantastic and cleanest glacial lake, whose history has more than 14,000 years. Breathe in the delicious Alpine air, arrange hiking in the most picturesque places, visit the old forge and printing house, taste the local red wine in the old cellar of the castle, sail on a beautiful rowing boat called Pletna (because motorboats are forbidden, and Slovenes are sensitive to the environment) the island and ring the church bell three times, making the most cherished desire – far from a complete list of what can be done in the vicinity of Lake Bled.

Do not forget to climb one of the observation platforms, which offers the best view of Lake Bled:

  1. Ojstrica – to get to this point, follow the unique trail marked with signs from the Parking lot. Approximate travel time is 30 minutes on foot.
  2. Velika Osojnica is the next point along the route after Ojstrica. If your margin of safety and fitness allows you to get 1 hour from the same parking, then we certainly recommend doing it! You can do this with stops while admiring the beauties of the local nature.
  3. Mala Osojnica – if you travel with children, then this point will be the most feasible, only 15 minutes from the lake.
Our professional photographers on Lake Bled know the most exciting places, hidden trails, and unique locations that will thoroughly enjoy all the beauties and leave beautiful memories in the form of vivid photographs.
Great photographs can also be obtained on the Bohinj Lake, located half an hour away, and on the Savica Waterfall. These magnificent places, almost untouched by man, provide excellent opportunities for creating unforgettable photo cards that will forever remain in your memory. If you are looking for a wedding photographer on Lake Bohinj or just the best photographer in Slovenia who will hold a unique photo shoot, then you have found what you were looking for!
ORBIS Production provides engagement and wedding photoshoots, captures birthday and anniversary, makes a wonderful family portrait and shoots ads for leading world brands, and much more. Hire the best local photographers in Slovenia and get an unforgettable experience!


Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle

A unique experience in the dungeon of Slovenia and the most beautiful medieval castle in the world
One of the most unusual and visited places in Slovenia is the Postojnska Jama (Cave in Slovenian). This is the largest natural cave in Europe. For over 140 years, the only railway in the karst cave has been functioning in it, creating the longest tourist route through caves in the world with a length of 5.3 km! Also, in the Postojna Cave, there is a unique concert hall in which the La Scala theatre gave a concert twice! And every Christmas in one of the natural halls of Postojna, an incredible concert takes place among stalactites and stalagmites, in which more than 500 artists participate!
The average temperature inside the cave is only 10 degrees Celsius, so be sure to take care of warm things when visiting this beautiful place!

In the Postojna Cave, you can see an extraordinary creature – the "human fish", which lives underground and lives over 100 years! According to legend, a "human fish" is a cub of a dragon that lives in the Postojna Cave in Slovenia.
human fish Postojna Cave
Just a 15-minute drive from the incredible Postojna Cave, on the ledge of a 123-meter-high rock, there is the majestic medieval Predjama Castle. Its history goes back more than 800 years, and it is famous also thanks to one of its masters in the 15th century – Erasmus of Lueg, the legendary robber knight who robbed the rich and distributed food to the poor. In the castle, there are secret passages in the rock through the cave that Erasmus knew about and thanks to which he could withstand the siege for a whole year. Predjama Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe and a great place for a photoshoot in the meadow with a view of the river murmuring below and the castle itself.
Also on the territory of the castle were filmed a lot of historical movies, including the "Armor of God" with Jackie Chan in the title role.

Unfortunately, on September 7, 1985, during the filming of this high-budget film, Jackie Chan suffered the most severe injury in his career, falling down while jumping from a rock to a tree, but the movie came out, and you can enjoy it now.
A professional photographer in Slovenia will always find the best angle and turn your trip into a fabulous journey with exciting memories! Write to us today, and we will prepare for you the best offer for a photoshoot anywhere in Slovenia.


Piran and the coast of Slovenia

Colourful sunsets and bright sunrises of the Slovenian coast
guarantee beautiful photos that everyone will envy
Slovenia is a small country, but it has its own culture, cuisine, traditions and all other attributes of a full-fledged European state. Here you can be an hour from the capital Ljubljana both in the ski resort and in the opposite direction – on the Adriatic coast. Yes, it is small but very cosy and picturesque.
Undoubtedly, the beautiful Piran, located 120 km from Ljubljana, holds the palm of the beauty of local coastal towns. In addition to its famous saltworks and the festival of saltworks in August, it is also known for its historical architecture, the St. George's Parish Church, on whose spire Michael Archangel is located, the Maritime Museum, the beautiful Tartini Central Square and the picturesque promenade.
You can not ignore other small towns located on the coast of Slovenia – Portorož or the tourist capital of the coast of Slovenia, Izola with its beautiful marina, Ankaran is known mainly to locals, and, of course, Koper. There are many hotels on the coast for any wallet, as well as many places to create beautiful photos.
The best time for a photoshoot on the Slovenian coast is the time of dawn and sunset. The optimal duration of a photoshoot is 2-3 hours. Our photographers in Slovenia will show you the best places, as well as make unforgettable shots!
The best fish restaurants, wine festivals, sea fairs, the festival of Istrian cuisine, international tennis tournaments, etc. are far from a complete list of activities that are worth visiting the Adriatic coast of Slovenia. All the small Slovenian coastal towns have a rich history and live every day with pleasure, opening up wonderful opportunities for their guests to enjoy a leisurely seaside life! Visit them with the best photographers in Slovenia.


Triglav National Park

Incredible mountain rivers and stunning views, which cannot be described in words always look perfect in photographs
Triglav National Park is named after its highest mountain of the Julian Alps – Triglav (2864 meters). This mountain is also located on the coat of arms and flag of Slovenia. According to legend, in ancient times Zlatorog was in charge of these places - a goat with golden horns. Now his sculptures adorn various parts of the Park as a symbol of this place.
We have already told you about Lake Bohinj and the Savica Waterfall, located here. Close to Lake Bohinj, surrounded on all sides by mountains, is Mount Vogel (1922 meters), where you can climb the funicular, and in winter ski here. It is also worth visiting the Socha River valleys. It is known for the emerald colour of water and a large number of activities available on it – rafting, kayaking, zipline, paragliding and many others. There are many cultural and natural attractions.
Our professional photographers in Slovenia will help you to see the most gorgeous locations and make a photoshoot in this fabulous Slovenian park.


Churches and castles of Slovenia

Slovenia is rich in natural and cultural attractions, for which a high number of tourists and photographers from around the world come here every year. Picturesque landscapes, a vast selection of activities and a friendly local people are the visiting cards of Slovenia.

Hundreds of castles, palaces, fortresses and churches were scattered throughout Slovenia, some ruins remained even from ancient times. Not all buildings have survived to our time, but those that exist symbolize beautiful eras that you want to capture in every frame!
Among the most famous churches, we could single out The Church Of St Primoz in the village of Yamnik. At an altitude of 837 meters above sea level, only 37 people live in this village. Previously, iron ore was mined here, and an old 13th-century melting furnace was discovered here! Stunning views open from here and many photographers from all over the world come here at dawn to catch alight haze, into which soft sun rays fall, enveloping a magical church with such a great history!

Slovenian castles possess unique magic of attraction, to the meeting of which all the best photographers in Slovenia go. Many beautiful medieval castles attract tourists from all over the world like a magnet. What could be better than a vivid photo shoot against a medieval castle in Slovenia? That's right - the opportunity to taste local dishes and relax right in the castle! Otočec Castle is the only castle in Slovenia located on an island. The first mention of the Otočec castle dates back to the XIII century and since then much has changed! Surrounded by 200 years of rare forests, golf courses and spa resorts, this castle is also a 5-star Relais & Châteaux hotel.
To provide an unforgettable photoshoot in Piran, in Ljubljana, on Lake Bled, in Postojna and Predjamsky Castle, in Maribor, in Celje, in Rogaska and other beautiful cities, hire the best photographers in Slovenia today! We will arrange for you the best photoshoot in Slovenia, and our photographers will create an unforgettable atmosphere! Write to us by mail or send requests on the website Photographer in Slovenia and we will answer you within 24 hours!

In addition to these, in Slovenia there are many other great places for a photoshoot, which we will tell you about in new articles!

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See you soon in Slovenia!

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