Review prepared by Ilya Medvedev, Executive Art Director at ORBIS Production
June, 2020
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A creative idea is the most critical component of the process of creating a commercial. With the continually growing competition of corporations, its importance cannot be overestimated. The creative concept allows in 2020 to create original advertising and generate huge revenues. In turn, an unsuccessful idea with weak USP companies is also able to turn into significant losses.
The main purposes of creative advertising
Showcase a new product
Natively tell about your product
Show irony
To evoke positive emotions - empathy, approval and/or desire to buy
Before starting video production, it is important to determine the target audience and the main message.
But are creative ads more effective than regular ads that dryly describe product features? According to recent research by scientists, creative advertising shows significantly higher engagement and loyalty indicators than regular advertising. The task of absolutely any advertising is to attract the interest of a potential buyer to the advertised object. Creative advertising allows you to more clearly reveal the product, showing its strengths and prompting a prospective consumer to take any action – for example, ordering through an online store.

Before starting video production, it is necessary to determine the target audience and the main message. Do not try to put all your advantages in one clip. Focus on the essentials!

Target Audience Analysis
Field of activity
Family status
Preferences and tastes
The focus should be on the average of each parameter. This is your target audience. Understanding behavioral psychology often underlies the success of a creative advertising campaign.
Deciding on the choice of a competent video production agency in Europe is not so simple.
Short check-list
The idea should be new and unique, bright, and catchy. The creative process implies the search for modern incarnations of an innovative approach.
The composition of the frame, the storyline, deep color correction, and the ability to reflect accents are all aesthetic components of creative video production.
Ask yourself a question. Does this creative idea solve the problem it is aimed at?

The attention of an on-line viewer is rarely delayed for more than 3 determining seconds from the start of the video. If you managed to interest him, maybe he will watch your video to the end and make the decision you need. To catch attention, you need to compare favorably with your competitors, creating creative concepts and realizing them in a quality manner.


Creative agencies often hire third-party contractors for video production and depend entirely on them. Our situation is the opposite – more than 50% of our creative agency takes its full-cycle video production department. Thus, you can control the entire process within the structure of 1 large communication agency that performs all tasks, from marketing research and creativity to 3D effects and content distribution.
The customer should know the following points when choosing a creative video production company:
Can video production sync with your business and capture your vision for the concept?
Does the state of video production have its professional copywriters, screenwriters, illustrators, storyboards, directors, DPs, producers, editors, gaffers, sound engineers, focus pullers, etc.?
Does video production have its casting agency and local manager?
What equipment does the video production company have?
What is the experience of a video production company? Take a look at previous works and recommendations.
Does video production have marketers in staff?

The choice of a company that provides creative video production services in Italy, Austria, Slovenia, France, Switzerland, Monaco, and other European cities is always tricky. Therefore we recommend making the right choice based on the above recommendations.

ORBIS Production creative agency has been professionally engaged in full-cycle video production since 2009 throughout Europe. You can learn more about how our video production differs from all the others in the section ABOUT US. We are always open to new contacts and ready to share our experience. Email us today to get the best deal on creative video production for your business in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, France, Germany, and other European countries.


Unfortunately, the global pandemic became the main newsmaker of 2020. It influenced all spheres of life, as well as the approach to creating creative advertising. The primary trend in creative brand advertisements has become a social orientation - stay at home, devote time to family and friends, take care of the elderly, etc.
Social advertisement
In the first place in the trends of creative advertising in 2020 comes socially targeted advertising. The current situation has completely changed the lives of billions of people, and the main priority for the world community is consumer safety and concern for his health. Your client must see and understand that interacting with your brand will meet the highest standards. For example, if you have a restaurant, show the process of safe cooking, the simplicity of online payment, and contactless free delivery. Your customers should see your concern and understanding of the current difficult situation. The crisis will end sooner or later, and a loyal audience will always be with you.
Voice search
The current situation served as an incentive to accelerate the development of IT-technologies and innovations. The speed of marketing communications has increased dramatically. Consumers are increasingly resorting to the use of voice assistants, which are fundamentally changing ways to find the right information quickly. And since the leading players of the mobile platforms iOS and Android are in a constant battle for the user, the quality of voice search is snowballing.

Influencer marketing
Native advertising from bloggers no longer brings the desired result in 2020. Users determine ads in the first seconds and often miss it. Therefore, quality planned integration of brands into large-scale projects that can find the support of a significant part of the audience of influencers comes first. It can be YouTube shows on social topics, exclusive copyright projects, insider brands, etc. Of course, such integrations will cost more, but the effect will be much better and return on investment faster. We will also see more attention to niche bloggers who have not multi-million dollar figures in the subscriber's column, but have a small, loyal, and targeted audience.
AR technologies
The estimated corporate budget for the development of augmented and virtual reality technologies will be approximately $ 19 billion. Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media market leaders are actively deploying them on their platforms.
High Quality Content
A vast number of people are now working from home, many corporations from Silicon Valley transferred employees to remote work before the end of the year and most likely forever. In this regard, more and more people are looking for quality and useful content. Design, content, insiders, and life hacks are all this and more critical than ever now. Many at the time of forced isolation actively learn new professions and improve their skills, which is why the sphere of online education will also be in the main trends of the year.

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