The Leading Top Film and Video Production Company in Italy 2022 holds first place in the list of the best video production agencies in Italy – and this is ORBIS Production – a multi-award-winning premium production company from Milan. The company provides high-end production services in all cities of Italy and has an additional office in Rome.
Top Video Production Company in Italy in 2022 – ORBIS Production
ORBIS Production was founded in 2009 by leading professionals from the film and TV industry. Today, in 2022, the Company employs 57 people and has an annual turnover of over 19 million euros, proved by the year report. The Company has worked with clients such as Armani, Apple, AstraZeneca, AS Roma, Bologna FC, BMW, Christian Dior Couture, Golden Goose, Harper's BAZAAR, Hearst, Kempinski Hotels, La Biennale, New Balance, Mercedes Benz, TikTok, UBS, UNICEF, and other world-famous brands for many years.
The mission of ORBIS Production is to create unique content for global brands through in-depth research of their DNA and provide a full range of communication marketing services – from creating a creative concept for a brand advertising campaign to Production, post-production, and distribution content online and on TV. The Company employs top Italian creative and art directors, allowing it to perform as a full-fledged communication agency in Europe.
Being headquartered in Milan, ORBIS also has branches in Rome, Vienna, Paris, Monaco, Zürich, Ljubljana, Dubai, and Berlin. Soon, in 2022, the company's strategic development plans are expected to open offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, New York, Beijing, Sydney, and Singapore. This will allow the communication and production agency to carry out video production projects of any complexity at the global level. ORBIS Production is a universal full-service communication agency that provides high-quality in-house services and is an effective tool for entering European and international markets.
In the plans for 2023-2025, ORBIS Production aims to launch the streaming platform ORBIS TV with more than 5'000 documentaries, feature short films, and full-length films in 8 languages (official applications for iOS and Android are also being developed). The first round of investments to launch the ORBIS TV streaming platform will be announced at the end of 2022. Currently, the production agency is actively creating its shows and plans to attract an audience of different ages and hobbies to the ORBIS TV streaming platform.
NFT Video Production Collection by ORBIS Production Milano

The communication division of the creative agency ORBIS Production is negotiating with the world's leading digital artists and plans to launch its NFT collection by early 2023. This will be a unique collection crafted specifically for ORBIS Production and available in a limited series of 8'888 exclusive digital art objects that will embody exquisite taste for true art connoisseurs, leading private collectors, world galleries, and auction houses.
Having the wealthiest professional experience in the video and film production and creative market in Europe, the ORBIS Production team unites the best commercial directors and directors of photography. They have been awarded prizes at Cannes, Venice, and other film festivals. The ORBIS team has two gold, three silver, and four bronze Lions of the Cannes Film Festival and two Emmy Awards. In addition, one of the ORBIS Production commercials was exhibited in the commercial advertising section at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.
Creating commercials, feature films, and documentaries, the ORBIS team collaborated with celebrities such as George Clooney, Monica Bellucci, Laura Haddock, Kim Basinger, Valentino Rossi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Schumacher, Jackie Chan, Stanley Tucci, as well as such Nobel Laureates as Michael Spence, Jean Tirole, Michael Kremer, Bengt Holmström, Barack Obama, as well as Marsha Askins, one of the top 50 women, who changed the world; and many others.
Also, among global awards, the company has been ranked first among the leaders of the B2B segment in Italy and the countries of the European Union for the third year in a row. Premium customer service, the presence of a fixed personal manager, special closed events, and always the best service makes ORBIS Production a unique production company.
ORBIS Production. #1 Top video production company in Italy in 2022.
Creative film production studio ORBIS Production is equipped with the most advanced high-end equipment to shoot top-notch videos that are not inferior to Hollywood-level blockbusters. The agency's camera department has cameras such as ARRI Alexa Mini LF, ARRI Alexa, ARRI Alexa SXT W, ARRI Alexa LF, RED Monstro, RED V-Raptor, RED Helium 8K, Blackmagic URSA 12K, Sony Venice 2, Phantom Flex4K, as well as complete sets of Angenieux Optimo lenses, ARRI Signature Zoom, ARRI Master Anamorphic, Cooke S7 Anamorphic, Cooke S5i, Cooke S7i, Zeiss UltraPrime, Leica, Canon, Sony, and many other leading world manufacturers of cinema equipment.
In 2022 ORBIS Production will be the most sustainable video production company in Italy and Europe, applying innovative green technologies and fully following the needs of the modern world, which allows you to minimize the carbon footprint at every stage of content production and subsequent distribution. Currently, the ORBIS fleet has six diesel and three fully electric Mercedes Benz vans. However, by the end of 2022, the company plans to completely abandon cars that emit CO2 and switch entirely to renewable energy sources. Also, the business model of the creative agency ORBIS Production includes an almost complete rejection of the use of air transport and the transition to environmentally friendly energy sources. In addition, the company has wholly abandoned disposable and plastic items and prefers reusable items. Finally, it is essential to note that the ORBIS team has been actively participating in annual green planting campaigns in Italy and Europe for many years.
ORBIS Production. #1 Top video production company in Italy in 2022.
It is crucial to adapt to rapidly changing conditions in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic in the modern world. The Company adheres to the policy regulated by WHO and the current legislation of the EU and other countries in which it operates. All employees of ORBIS Production are fully vaccinated and have a super-green pass. A prerequisite is the implementation of PCR testing 24 hours before the shooting and the passage of a medical examination by an in-house medical worker (CCO), and a daily log of the team's temperature control. Each film crew member observes a distance of more than 2 meters on the set and wears an FFP2/FFP3 level disposable medical mask.
Having more than 12 years of successful business experience and a confirmed track record with 3'000+ video production projects allowed the Company to get a positive customer experience from 600+ satisfied customers worldwide. The Company's management is convinced of the correctness of the chosen course of development of the Company as a sustainable business. It has global expansion plans for emerging markets in the third quarter of 2022.
Among the most popular services that brought the company more than 10% of revenue in 2021 and the first quarter of 2022 were Live Streaming and TV broadcasts of major events and events in the EU and the Middle East. In addition to creating impeccable commercials for brands, corporate films, and documentaries, – remote shooting and live streaming are becoming the main trends in the development of the video production industry. The company is also actively investing in artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies.
As of the first quarter of 2022, ORBIS Production aims to create a diversified business model consisting of a group of companies, including a communication agency, a creative studio, a full-service production house, a post-production department, a streaming platform, a full-cycle advertising agency, a talent agency, an AR/VR studio, as well as a closed ORBIS Club. Among other things, the aero division of the ORBIS group of companies is engaged in introducing modern innovative technologies in aerial photography and 360 shooting, and highly qualified certified drone operators create a new generation of visual content for the needs of any destination.
According to the independent rating agency Clutch, ORBIS Production entered the Top 100 fastest-growing companies globally last year. No one doubts that in the current 2022, the company will strengthen its leading position in the film and video production market in Italy and the world. It is also worth noting that over 330'000 people follow the official Instagram account, and over 15'000 people have subscribed for the updates of ORBIS Magazine.
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