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ORBIS Films was founded in 2009 as a trusted Top Dubai Production Company providing a full range of video production services in the UAE and MENA region. Over the past 14 years, the production firm has established itself as a trustworthy, high-quality, world-class production service provider. In 2023, ORBIS is recognized as the best production company in Dubai and United Arab Emirates by Clutch. Today, the agency employs over 57 international film production professionals. With a proven track record in over 750 successful projects across Europe, the US, and the Middle East, ORBIS is a world leader in producing high-end video content - from developing marketing strategies and creative concepts for advertising campaigns to first-class production and unrivaled Hollywood post-production level.
Top Video Production Company Dubai
Top Video Production Company Dubai
ORBIS also includes a creative bureau and a full-cycle communication agency. Italian quality is not just words; it is the world standard of creativity. The ORBIS agency has two offices in Italy – in Milan and Rome, in Vienna (Austria), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Paris (France), Zurich (Switzerland). Now ORBIS has opened its official branch with an in-house full-time filmmaker's creative team in Dubai and is available for customers in the UAE and throughout MENA region.
Video Production Company in Dubai and UAE
Video Production Company in Dubai and UAE
ORBIS Films brings together the best European talent in Dubai's production industry, bringing impeccable Italian expertise and unrivaled quality to the highest world-class standards.

The mission of ORBIS Production Media House is to provide first-class video production services to clients in Dubai and the UAE. Creative professionals of the agency primarily provide state-of-the-art marketing solutions for brands and companies in highly competitive markets.

One of the key advantages of the ORBIS Production Company is that it is a one-stop shop for the implementation of marketing solutions of any size, from the development of messaging and marketing strategies for advertising campaigns for brands to TV and online distribution with tracking of critical metrics for global brands, agencies, non-profit organizations, companies, and many others. Everything is done exclusively by the in-house specialists of the agency.

Key Goals of the ORBIS Production Agency:
  • Top Video Production Company in Dubai
    Overdeliver in every project
  • Top Film Production Company in Dubai
    Always exceed expectations
  • Production Company in Dubai
    Customer satisfaction is our core priority
  • Film Production Company in Dubai
    Making the world better through a commitment to inspiring content
Choosing a production company can be tricky because many different production service companies and freelance videographers are on the market. So how to recognize red flags and choose the right partner for your production needs in Dubai?


  • 1
    Decide on the type and goals of your future video or series. The team of production company can also help with this. Each video should be aimed at solving a specific point. It can be brand awareness, corporate company overview, brand video, viral video to promote a product, TV ads to reach more audiences, commercials, and more.
  • 2
    Make a table of the leading video production service providers in Dubai whose work you liked the most. Most often, they can be found when searching Google for such queries as 'Dubai production company' and 'production service company in Dubai,' as well as on Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo.
  • 3
    Leave inquiries on all the sites you like, and write a short brief with information about your company and your ideas for creating a video by e-mail.
  • 4
    Negotiate with representatives of the production companies you like and discuss the details and the work process. Check out the quotes and see the presentations of selected video production agencies. As a rule, negotiations are conducted by producers and managers. Ask them questions about their experience, expertise, and creative proposals for your project.
  • 5
    Read reviews of video production companies in Dubai. Ask the producers for recommendations and contacts of past clients. It is also essential to consider whether a production service company has international film awards.
  • 6
    Get to know the key team leads in charge of the project. Specify the number of staff of the company and the scheme of work. Many production companies hire freelancers or videographers, which can also affect the product's final quality.
  • 7
    Compare quotes, references, and deadlines for each company. The choice only on the price factor is not always the right one. The cost of projects at the leading production companies in Dubai usually starts from 50'000 USD and has no fixed limits. Extensive experience, a production base, and the availability of significant resources for the implementation of projects back this price level. Choosing a production company in Dubai is an important step that needs to be given time and attention, and it will definitely pay off.
ORBIS Production Company is a recognized leader in video production services in Dubai and the UAE. An impeccable confirmed track record, an individual approach to each client, full-cycle creative services, and the provision of world-class high-end production services are the key to the agency's success.

Each ORBIS client receives turnkey, tailor-made video production services in Dubai – from idea to implementation. Since 2009, the company's professionals have been developing creative concepts, creating creative advertising campaigns, conducting talent selection, and providing full pre-production -> production -> post-production of the highest level.

ORBIS Agency is open to discussing your ideas in Downtown Dubai. Our creative and production teams are working 24/7 to guarantee an unrivaled level of production services in Dubai and the UAE.
There are many ways to find an excellent video production company in the UAE. Brands usually come to ORBIS Production based on the recommendations of our clients and partners. If you decide to look for a video production company in Dubai, pay attention to the projects you like, find a production company and discuss the details and conditions of cooperation with the producers.


Today, in the era of the Internet, ultra-fast communications, and information overload, separating the wheat from the chaff is crucial. For example, you can find many video production companies in Dubai by typing the relevant query into a Google search engine. Also, on YouTube and Vimeo, there is a large selection of production companies in the UAE.

It is essential to understand that behind each project there are, first of all, people who invest a significant creative impetus. Therefore, it is necessary to negotiate and carefully select your future partner.

ORBIS Production Company opened its doors in Dubai not so long ago. Still, ORBIS Agency has an impeccable reputation in Italy and Europe, countless film awards, and recognition from global brands. The company's professionals will be happy to share their expertise and rich experience with clients in Dubai and the UAE.

According to multiple international rating agencies such as Clutch, ORBIS Films is ranked the #1 production service company in Dubai in 2023. We strive to inspire and grow our client's businesses and brands by bringing European production expertise to the Dubai and UAE markets.
The main advantage of ORBIS Production in Dubai is an extraordinary close-knit team of full-time professional filmmakers, executive producers, film crews, marketers, creative and art directors, cinematographers, creative pools, casting directors, and other specialists. We delve deeply into brand’s DNA and target audiences, conduct research, track campaign performance benchmarks, and develop concepts and strategies that have a significant impact and impact. In addition, ORBIS professionals carefully study the brand's and the company's business and their requests to offer a new level of custom-made production service that will generate high results.

The production agency is your guarantor and the key to the success of your video. We listen carefully to our clients and guarantee unsurpassed quality in every project. Whether it's shooting commercials, TV spots, corporate films, live broadcasts, and many other formats – ORBIS is your one-stop shop for video production services in Dubai of any complexity.
Dubai pays special attention to digitalization. So, last year, Dubai entered the top five countries in the world as the city with the most reliable digital government. In an era of rapid development and growth, Dubai is at the forefront of technological development worldwide.

There is an extensive list of leading production companies in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. However, a special place belongs to ORBIS, Europe's leading full-service creative agency, and production firm, now in Dubai.


#1 Top Video Production Company Dubai – ORBIS Films in the UAE

The leading film and video production company is the multi-award-winning ORBIS Films Agency. Established in 2009 in Milan, Italy's business capital, the production firm brings impeccable Italian quality to clients in Dubai and the UAE. The company's office was opened in Boulevard Plaza, Tower 1 in Dubai in 2022 and is open to providing its best production services for customers from the Emirates.
ORBIS has successfully executed over 750 projects for brands like Armani, ANWB, AstraZeneca, AS Roma, Christian Dior Couture, FIFA, Golden Goose, UBS, UNICEF, Unilever, and many others. ORBIS shoots commercials across all industries – automotive, high-tech, IT, crypto, financial and banking, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, fashion, retail, aerospace, construction, hospitality, tourism, insurance, agriculture, and many others. We have experience in each of the business areas and successful cases.
ORBIS employs more than 57 people, including leading creative teams, executive producers, film directors, cinematographers, film crews, editors, VFX artists, and many other specialists, providing uninterrupted high-end video production services in Dubai and the UAE. We turn complex processes into a simple, understandable form that creates an incredible impact on the target audience.
Video Production Company in Dubai and UAE
Video Production Company in Dubai and UAE
ORBIS Production has the most significant film base with the most advanced film equipment in the video production industry from manufacturers such as ARRI, RED, Zeiss, DJI, and many others. In addition, the agency's production facilities allow us to simultaneously carry out dozens of large projects, effectively developing any of the stages from pre-production to post-production and distribution.

For three consecutive years, from 2021 to 2023, ORBIS has been recognized as the best film and video production company in the EU.

Now unsurpassed Italian quality is available in Dubai and the UAE!

Whether it's a Netflix series, a luxury lifestyle video, a TV Series, a city center road shutdown for a TV commercial, a corporate film about your corporation, a fashion video, a brand video, or any other kind of film and video production in Dubai or anywhere in the world - the word "impossible" does not exist for ORBIS Films. Instead, we create brilliant video marketing projects that work effectively. The agency's specialists know everything about video marketing and implement projects in the full range of marketing communications.

If you are looking for the top video production company in Dubai, you will find it right at ORBIS Films. ORBIS Production Company is an international, sustainable, full-service film and video production agency operating in Dubai and worldwide. Our filmmakers will be thrilled anywhere in the world to create high-quality videos for businesses, agencies, companies, and brands.

High-end production services in Dubai are guaranteed the highest quality at ORBIS Films, the leading production service company in the UAE.


OP Creative Agency has received numerous international awards and recognition in the creative industry. Today OP employs five creative executive directors and seven art directors. Senior OP Creatives develop the best advertising concepts for world-class brand promotion. Advertising campaigns of the OP's talented creative collaborators have won six Cannes Lions. Isn't this the world's quality standard?
OP Creative Bureau provides the highest quality personalized services with unparalleled international experience.

The advertising agency consists of the leaders of the creative industry. Bureau specialists develop advertising campaigns from scratch on a turnkey basis, provide reports on the results and effectiveness of each campaign, write scripts for videos, draw storyboards and animatics, develop creative concepts and creative ideas for business and brand growth, develop communication and messaging strategies, prepare pitches and many many more. In today's fast-growing markets, it is essential to stay on trend. It is vital to be online and increase the number of points of contact with the target audience, working on the image and unique selling proposition of each product. In addition, the internal marketing teams of significant brands often turn to OP's creative agency for fresh designs and effective marketing tools.

The task of the creative agency in Dubai is to provide first-class communication services in the full range of marketing communications.


In the UAE, there are several specific rules or, in simple terms, a checklist that will help you choose the best video production company in Dubai. Below you can find a standard sequence of actions to help you select your future partner.
  • List and rank top video production companies
  • Leave applications on the websites of production service companies
  • Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
  • Get offers for video production services from various companies
  • Compare pros and cons, budgets, deadlines, and quality assurance
  • Choose the best production company and sign a contract with it
  • Start pre-production
  • Control every stage of production - script, casting, treatment, etc
  • Shoot a well-planned commercial, corporate or brand video in advance
  • Give feedback to the post-production department - usually up to 3 rounds of corrections
  • Publish videos on various platforms and enjoy the result
ORBIS Films guarantees impeccable quality control at every stage of video production - from pre-production to post-production and distribution. The company's professionals know everything about high-end production and are world-class specialists.

It starts with a call and a first meeting online or in our Dubai office. Then, we determine the main objectives of the advertising campaign, terms, and creative concepts and proceed to active workflow. Our creative directors work around the clock in all time zones to generate the most relevant and fresh advertising concepts that can effectively work with the target audience of a particular brand and company. Next, we choose the types of main characters of future advertising, write a logline and treatment, draw a storyboard, conduct castings, prepare production design, film, and much more.

All the magic of video production happens in post-production, where our talented editors, sound designers, VFX artists, motion designers, colorists, voiceover talents, and many more from our post-production department put the maximum of their creative skills and efforts into delivering unique, efficient and visually superior video content for the following online distribution and on TV.


ORBIS Films provides a full range of video production services in Dubai and the UAE. Below is a list of the most requested turnkey video production services:

Commercial Production Company in Dubai

Commercials allow you to attract customers' attention through a wide variety of promotion channels. ORBIS shoots the highest quality online and TV commercials of any scale on a turnkey basis from scratch to final delivery. With incomparable experience and many successful commercials under its belt, ORBIS filmmakers produce state-of-the-art spots for brands and global corporations.

Take advantage of the dynamic nature of videos to stand out on crowded feeds and search results pages! Contact ORBIS and get a premium production service in Dubai from an idea to a large-scale viral distribution of the final video or a series of commercials.

  • Development of creative concepts
  • Scripts, storyboards, and treatments from the best European directors
  • Obtaining filming permits in Dubai and the UAE
  • Location scouting and technical recce
  • Casting talent and hiring actors with buyout rights
  • Creative and Art Direction Production
  • European production service company in Dubai with top producers from the UAE
  • Cinema Crew - Gaffers, dolly grip and jip operators, Key Grips, Sound Engineers, DIT, VTR, 1 AC, 1 AD, 2AC, and many more
  • Rental of cinema equipment by ARRI, RED, Sony, Blackmagic, and others
  • High-end post-production, including color grading, editing director, VFX, CGI, etc
  • Distribution Online and on TV
And much more – e-mail ORBIS Films and video success managers will provide full production support and advice on your project in Dubai and the UAE.

Corporate Video Production Services in UAE

Whether it's a management board interview, a company documentary, a presentation video, a company overview video, a case study video, a live streaming of a corporate event, or anything else, we have the most advanced production solutions.

ORBIS Production is the leading corporate video production company in the UAE. We delve deeply into the business processes of a business and have deep insights. Since 2009 we have been supporting corporate video production in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and worldwide. Our filmmakers are always ready 24/7 to shoot a new masterpiece for your company anywhere in the world.

Dubai Brand Video Production Services

We have produced countless brand videos for companies of all sizes in the UAE, Europe, and worldwide. ORBIS creates premium brand videos and captures lifestyles that resonate with your customers.

Creating the perfect brand video takes a lot of creativity and effort. A video like this seeks to connect emotionally with your target audience by creating a sense of personal connection by including individual footage unique to your organization.

ORBIS creates bespoke premium brand videos of any scale in the UAE and throughout the MENA region.

Dubai Luxury Event Coverage Service

Dubai is known for its luxury, high-end events. ORBIS is a premium production company providing event management and coverage services.

Live Streaming Services in UAE

ORBIS has the most advanced state-of-the-art solutions in multi-camera live streaming of luxury events in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other Emirates of the UAE. Contact ORBIS' video success managers for advice. We work 24/7 without holidays and weekends and are ready for any production requests.

Documentary video production in Dubai

Telling authentic, inspiring, and exciting stories in the form of documentaries is the calling of ORBIS Production. Good stories, nicely told – is our motto.

Commercial photography in Dubai

Capturing special moments and emotions in natural style is what we do best. ORBIS employs the best top commercial photographers in Dubai. Learn more about one of our latest case studies - Talabat for FIFA 2022.

Aerial Filming Services in the UAE

Our licensed air pilots and camera operators provide the most breathtaking aerial footage of Dubai. ORBIS is the most advanced aerial filming company of any complexity – from a helicopter using gyro-stabilized systems such as Shotover K1. as well as with the help of drones DJI Inspire 2 with X7 cameras.
Film and video production company in Italy
Film and video production company in Italy


Many questions can arise before, during, and after the video production services in the UAE. Below are some of them.

How much do video production services cost in Dubai?

Everything is individual and depends on the project. There is no straight answer to this question until the video's goals, brief, and performance metrics are defined. After that, you need to know the script, cast, director's group, props, and much more. We will help you navigate the world of video production services in Dubai - write to us or call us, and we will be happy to discuss your ideas and bring our suggestions.

How to get the best video production services in the UAE?

ORBIS Films is recognized as the best video production company in Dubai and the UAE in 2023. The company provides a wide range of commercial, corporate, and brand video production services. Write to ORBIS Production specialists and get an exclusive quote within two hours.
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