Top video production companies in Italy are growing continuously. One thing that sets ORBIS Production Company apart is the quality professionals working endlessly to fulfill the goal of your brand and company.

The leading Film and Video Production Agency in Italy in 2023 is renowned ORBIS Production Company, established in 2009 and headquartered in Milan, covering all Italian cities with high-end production service. It was founded 14 years ago by the professionals in film and video production industry as a trustworthy vendor for productions of any scale.

Now in 2023, ORBIS became more than just a production service company in Italy and a creative agency. It's a huge global brand, which many clients rely their marketing campaigns to.
Truly, there is big competition between leading film and video production agencies worldwide. Videographers in Italy are talented people who are looking for the best production companies to collaborate with. With the help of ORBIS Production internship programs we are in constant search of new rising stars in filmmaking industry, because we always work on the cutting edge of technologies and talents.

However, Orbis Production has been recognized as the top video production company in 2021 and 2022 and also nominated for the 2023 award. Orbis is an avenue to tell your brand story via high-end video production, photo production, aerial filming, and digital marketing, including all media products like photos and videos across Europe.

When evaluating for the company to work with, there is a need to choose the best video production team that works best for your business. There are several factors to consider before making the right choice.

Fortunately, Orbis is the best video production company in Italy, and as a result, we hold all the cards to attaining a significant position through video marketing.
Top video production company in Italy 2023
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For Orbis, we have consistently ranked high with one of the best customer feedback to help you make the right video for your company. Although Orbis does not only exist in Italy, we are located in almost every country from the east to the west coast of Europe.

Orbis production has a more strategic and long-lasting solution to make your business more impressionable to your customers with our skills. Animations (2D and 3D animations) are also a more effective way to promote your business to the right audience.

How does Orbis Thrive as a Communication Agency?
As a leading creative and communication agency in Italy, there are inevitable hassles you would face getting your marketing strategy out there. Communication is a brand’s key element, and Orbis understands how this works with a team of creative and strategic minds.
Orbis Production Personality
At Orbis Production, we do our best to keep the personality high and our customers as satisfied as possible; any TVC, commercial, brand video, or communication agency understands the need to satisfy their customers. The more satisfied your customers are, the more they keep coming back.
Orbis Production's Responsibility to Clients
It is not only about the job that needs to be done. We are responsible to our customers and liable always to keep the trust high. Orbs production is a great place to grow your clientele and increase your customer base. Although you might have a solid roster for doing things without a better company specializing in media production within Italy, you’re walking on thin ice.
Top Video Marketing Agency in Italy
As platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, and Snapchat present new channels and introduce new features daily to video marketers, it’s impossible to argue about video marketing’s trickiness and lots of finesse required for these processes. It should never be underestimated.

Companies have goals they have set to achieve. Coupling these goals with the need to employ a mix of designers, strategies, copywriters, web developers, managers, and creatives to structure a marketing team makes it difficult to focus enough on meeting production standards.

This is why you should partner with Orbis production service company in Milan. Then you can spend more time running your business and doing what you know best, while Obris does what we do best.

The leading video production company in Italy intends - to establish an online presence for businesses in Italy with fun and applicable content. There are several video marketing agencies in Rome, Italy. Some offer more traditional marketing services, while others deal with emerging technologies.

If you need a marketing agency located in Italy that can help in various ways to manage your digital presence, Orbis is your best bet. We are your one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs.

Orbis is an Italian-based Full Service Video Production Agency and Creative Communication Company that develops smart ways to grow your business and effectively get your message out to the world, especially the right audience. To us, you are not just a client. We consider all our clients part of our company and go above and beyond to give the best.

Production Service Company all across Italy
Orbis has a great team of trained personnel which we call production fixers and location scouts all across Italy. They are trained in location scouting, production assistance, and permit processing. They would work hand-in-hand with government officials, mayors, and the City council to get approval for location use and permits for long-term purposes. One of our fortes is production services like logistics and bringing on board local partners if needed.

Scouting Services and Fixer in Italy
Our scouting and recce services cover Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Venice, Trieste, Genoa, Pisa, Siena, Palermo, Como, and other cities within Italian and some rural communities. Our Italian film production fixers thoroughly know how the permit processing works and how to get them. So, we have the connection to get you access to a wide range of locations across Italy. Sometimes it takes a while to get permits for filming in Italy, but there is always a rigorous process.

Crew Sourcing
Italy offers a good pool of experienced professional crews for international projects, including film directors, camera crews, producers, cinematographers, casting directors, production coordinators, set-dressers, production experts, production assistants, runners, camera operators, 1AC, 1AD, 2AC, DIT, VTR, dolly grips, key grips, best boys and assistants. We also work with local and international crew members, including Visual supervisors, Digital Technicians, and Script writers. Given our proximity to major European production centers, we can easily bring international talents to complement the team.

ORBIS Production company provides the full range of film and video production all across Italy representing widest range of local talents for international productions.

Versatile Production Tools
For every production done within Italy, we work with high-grade technological cinema equipment for every production within Italy to bring out the best production. We can easily bring a filming kit from abroad for more sophisticated productions.

Our production house gear do include Arri Alexa LF, Red V-Raptor XL, Sony Venice 2, Zeiss signature primes lenses, Ultra prime Zeiss, Blackmagic Ursa 12k, Panavision lens, Cooke, Atlas anamorphic, Freefly Alta X, and much more. Orbis runs the biggest rental warehouse and provides all the existing filmmaker's equipment that exists on the production market including vintage lenses like Hawk Anamorphic.

Orbis is a one-stop shop for agencies, brands, enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, govermental structures, private customers, non-profit organizations and much more.
Full-Service Production Support
Our European production service company operates similarly to the full-service production company in Milan. Thus we provide full-cycle video production support for your projects and put together the production team. As reliable as we are, we operate on a 24-hour scale, including break time during production and other services we offer.

Being the N. One Film and Video Production Company in Italy means that we provide a tailor-made bespoke production service in every project we work for.

Reliability, trust, professionalism, confidence in high quality, a long–term proven track record, the best film production team in Italy, continuous growth – these are not just words, this is the philosophy of Orbis.
Top Video Production Company in Italy
ORBIS Production is the Top #1 Film and Video Production Company in Italy in 2021 and 2022. We create timeless masterpieces that help to increase brand awareness and audience outreach using highly-efficient state-of-the-art production tools, creativity and modern video marketing solutions. Let's talk about your project today!
How does our Production Service in Italy Work?
We are a full-service film production company and creative agency specializing in tailor-made video production, digital marketing, brand corporate videos for TV and digital ads and internal use, and movie making. With state-of-the-art digital technology for world-class staff to record blockbuster films and platinum recordings, every client's project would stand out uniquely to yield value and attention-grabbing competitive products.

Our films and commercials have won countless awards from reputable events, as have our custom jingles and branded corporate videos. Our stable of highly experienced professionals brings a vast amount of production expertise and real-world experience to every project with performance credits, including Christian Dior Couture, Armani, ANWB, AstraZeneca, UNICEF, UBS, Golden Goose, Venice Film Festival, Harper's Bazaar, Hearst to name a few, along with a who is on the list of top national and international brands.

Orbis film production crew and huge 1500 sq m studio include camera operators, producers, grip package, all based in Milan.

But how much does production service works and how does it work in Italy?

First, we meet over zoom or in our production office in Milan and define goals of a future production campaign with brand's representatives - brand managers, CEOs, marcom team and other specialists. We dive deeply into your business DNA and come up with creative ideas and concepts that will be perfectly captured during the production stage. We design the future production much more in advance of a real shooting. Our screenwriters, creative pools, casting directors, set designers, cinematographers. creative directors, executive producers, film directors, marketers, VFX artists, colorists, - they all work for one goal - to create a great eye-grabbing mini movie, high-end commercial or TVC that will win the next Cannes Lion. We know everything about top production service in Italy and Europe.

What is the production process like at Orbis?
As a top video production company and global creative agency in Italy, one of our major goals is to create peculiar films/videos that increase brand awareness, increase audience reach, educate, entertain, and inspire young and older individuals looking to bring light into the industry. We envision life and complete focus on the production industry as a company with many talents.

Pre Production

Our production process begins from the foundation up until attaining a successful production. In the pre-production stage, we concern ourselves with everything from the script down to production.

The pre-production process includes and is not limited to the following

  • Scriptwriting
  • Casting
  • Budget
  • Costume designs
  • Graphic design
  • Production crew
  • Scheduling
  • Location Scouting
  • Project Management
  • Production design
  • Post Production
  • Color Grading
  • VFX
  • Sound Design
  • Distribution

Production Day

The production day phase is when all plans begin to flesh out. Cameras rolling, production designer doing their thing, and the costume manager prepping the cast for their individual roles. With Orbis Production, we know how to maximize resources and make do with what we have while producing a perfect shoot.

We do our best to cut down unnecessary overtime and stay on schedule to give our clients the best. Quality output is one of our core values, and we avoid hiring external bodies. If you are on a budget, we have a series of cost-effective videos to keep you from breaking the bank.

We cover all locations across Italy, including Milan, Venice, Rome, Turin, Genoa, Florence, Palermo, Padua, Trieste, and all other italian cities and communas. We also shoot commercials and brand awareness for ads and corporate videos.
If you are looking for the top video production companies in Italy in 2023 - Look no further. Our award-winning production team will be delighted to perfectly capture your next video.

Much more important is the fact that all members of the Orbis team are dedicated professionals with vast international experience. We truly love filmmaking and create a unique masterpiece every time. Each Orbis project is unique in its essence and effectively fulfills pre-set marketing goals.

Choosing a reliable partner among the huge number of offers of video production companies in Italy is not an easy task. But talk to producers, read reviews, watch at the projects of the production company, you can understand with whom you are on the right track.

How much does video production service costs in Italy?
Video production services in Italy include a full production cycle from pre-production to post-production in such cities as Milan, Rome, Naples, Turin, Florence, Bologna, Palermo, Trieste, Venice, Como, Padua and all other Italian cities and communes.

The cost of video production services is always individual and Taylor-made, because it depends on many different factors, such as:

  • Concept and script for the future video,
  • Casting and screening rights,
  • Shooting locations and filming permits,
  • Choice of the director of the project,
  • Amount of CG and FX,
  • Cinema equipment,
  • Art Department,
  • Logistics,
  • Number of shooting days and film crews,
  • Sound-design and voice-over,

And many, many other factors. For example, also from the geography of the buyout rights of talents and their terms. Therefore, in order to get an accurate price offer for video production services in Italy, you need to negotiate with the executive producers, location scouts, and directors of the selected video production company.

We at Orbis work with absolutely different production budgets from roughly twenty thousands to millions of euros per project – everything is purely individual. A distinctive feature of a full-cycle video production company from the services of a videographer in Italy is the fact that we are able to calculate in advance and quickly execute a project of absolutely any scale – from interviews with the company's management or a commercial to a full-length blockbuster or TV series. Everything from concept to final delivery and even distribution - trust our deepest experience and expertise, Orbis Production is the top #1 video production company in Italy and the EU, operating worldwide.
What is the best video production company in Italy?
Italian production service company, video production agency, creative communications lab, production house and other form of production entity - you can find all that at just one stop in Milan (Rome, Vienna or Ljubljana) at ORBIS Production Company.

At Orbis Production we have combined the best traditions and schools of video production in Italy. Our story begins in 2009 when a group of talented executive producers and senior filmmakers joined forces to create the best video production company in Italy. So ORBIS Production Company was born. Now there are four offices in Europe, more than 55 people in the staff, a unique video studio of 1500 sq m in Milan and the largest video production facility in Italy and the EU. We are rightfully proud of our highest achievements in the field of video production and are always happy to share our expertise.

To get advice on video production services in Milan, Venice, Rome, Positano, Genoa, Bologna, Como, Turin, Barolo, Rimini, or any other Italian cities, please send us an e-mail describing your request. ORBIS Production video success managers work around the clock in the European time zone to provide the highest level of production service.

We also work throughout Europe and the world, with many partners and representations, thanks to which the word "impossible" does not exist for us. Because if you can imagine anything, we can perfectly capture it. And also come up with and develop messaging and communication strategies, creative concepts and much more. ORBIS makes high-end TVC, commercials, corporate films, brand videos, live-streaming of major events, documentaries, TV series and much more. Learn more about video production services in Italy with our producers over email.

Let's talk about your project today!
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video production company in italy
video production company in italy
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