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Heinz Field
Source: steelers.com
The legendary American football team Pittsburgh Steelers was founded back in 1933 by Art Rooney and later passed to his son Dan Rooney. The team plays its home matches at Heinz Field. During its unique history, the team won impressive 6 Super Bowl Cups!

Pittsburgh Steelers have one of the most potent fan movements. They call it the Steelers Nation. The fans of the Pittsburgh team are genuinely united and give them great support worldwide.
In June 2021, shortly before the start of the new season, Steelers hired ORBIS Production Firm as a production partner in creating a global project for the team. Working with the Pittsburgh Steelers, American football legends, is a great honor for our production company, and we are proud of this successful collaboration.

This is also an incredible responsibility because the deadlines on such projects are always tight, and there is no room for error. Filming took place in 10 different locations around the world. Creating the video took over two months, including pre-production and post-production. The primary objective of the video was to show the emotions of fans around the world supporting the team, as well as the globality and scope of the Steelers.
Video Production Company in Italy

In Italy, the filming took place in an iconic location - La Botticella Bar, located in the heart of Rome. It was founded in 1991 by Giovanni Poggi and has become a cult attraction for Steelers fans worldwide. The unique atmosphere, superb draft beer, and live streaming of Steelers sporting events have made this bar a truly legendary venue for the Steelers Nation in Italy, as the Pittsburgh Steelworkers' fan movement is called.
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Rome, Italy
We conducted location scouting, after that film equipment and camera crew logistics were carried out. Filming took place in several significant locations in Rome. Interaction with local Steelers fans had a significant impact on the final result.
ORBIS Production Company
Focus on the fan's emotions and involve the audience in communication with the team as much as possible.
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The video has gained over 5 million views worldwide on digital platforms and counting. Video is also broadcasting during the Steelers games on screens at Heinz Field and other stadiums.
The video was featured at the opening of the season at the central stadium and was also broadcast online on numerous online and TV platforms.
Making of a Steelers Film
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• In-house creative communication agency ORBIS

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We at ORBIS Production Company carefully study all modern video marketing trends. ORBIS, a leading top #1 video production company in Milan, creates living stories that work effectively. This is done in synergy with our creative communications agency, an integral part of every global brand collaboration project.

We help the most notable global brands increase their reach by engaging the target audience in a dialogue. Among other things, ORBIS Production is a stable and award-winning video production company with an impeccable international reputation. Over the past 15 years, we have assembled a unique team of film production and marketing professionals. As a result, each project for us is a fantastic product, unlike any previous one. We are not afraid to experiment, bringing a fresh creative eye to every second of the video.

Work only with the best video production professionals - work with ORBIS Production. We skillfully integrate the most modern and innovative video marketing technologies into your brand and product.

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