Orbis Production produced a commercial video for Autotalks, acting as a full-service video production agency in Italy. The commercial is now successfully used by the customer as part of their advertising campaign and as a promotional explainer video about their latest chipsets on YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms.

Autotalks is a high-tech company dedicated to making road safety the job for its automated vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications devices for manned and autonomous vehicles.

Founded in 2008, the company is privately held with strong financial backing from leading global venture capital funds, OEMs, and Tier1s. The company headquarters are in Israel, with offices in North America, Germany, France, China, Japan, and Korea.

Autotalks’ market-first 2nd generation chipsets deliver the highest performance and reliability and are deployed in numerous exciting connectivity and autonomous-driving projects driven by OEMs and Tier1s worldwide.

Autotalks is the only company providing a global V2X solution compatible with any V2X technology while adhering to the stringiest security, functional safety, and reliability automotive requirements.
Autotalks hired Orbis Production to act as a full-cycle video production agency for announcing and promoting their latest products.
Best Film Production Company in Italy
The new products introduced revolutionary chipsets, Tekton3 and Sekton3, that automate road safety and bring the driving experience to the next level.

The goal of the commercial video was to demonstrate the technology and how it helps avoid collisions, thus saving lives.

The main challenge was to demonstrate how Autotalks’ complex technology seamlessly integrated with different vehicles and prevented deadly crashes by proactive interference, which included warning the driver of approaching danger and automatically activating the car’s braking system.
The whole ORBIS Team was engaged in the project, including management, directors, cinematographers, producers, screenwriters, numerous assistants, location scouts, fixers, certified drone pilots, and other creative crew members.
Best Film Production Company in Italy
Best Film Production Company in Italy
The filming took place near Limone Sul Garda on Lake Garda in northern Italy. In particular, some parts of the ad were shot on the famous Strada Della Forra road, which was featured in James Bond movies and is considered one of the most dangerous roads in Italy.

During the location scouting, which took over a month at the pre-production stage, the agency's production team selected the most cinematic and impressive locations.

In addition to the incredibly picturesque and, at the same time, dangerous James Bond Road Strada Della Forra, locations such as Villa Adele, the road along Lake Garda, several viewpoints with breathtaking lake views, two blind intersections were selected and fixed to demonstrate the work of the Autotalks chipset. The entire route was planned ahead of production as well as film crews and talents scheduling.

Orbis fully developed the video concept, finalized the script in collaboration with the client, and wrote a detailed treatment. Then, a detailed storyboard and shotlist were drawn and presented to the client.

Once the material was approved by the client, ORBIS location managers chose the top filming locations mentioned above and got all the necessary permits for shooting from the local authorities.
Once that was all settled, our team conducted casting a large-scale casting. We were looking for a family with a mother with two children and two guys in their 30s. The icing on the cake was the dog of one of the drivers.

According to the plot, the mother takes the children by car from home to classes and dangerously approaches another vehicle at the blind intersection. But, thanks to Autotalks, and their innovative chips, cars "communicate with each other" and prevent potential danger by starting automatic braking.
Best Film and Video Production in Italy
ORBIS Production’s Director of Photography chose an ARRI Alexa camera with Atlas Orion Anamorphic lenses to do most of the filming. The video includes shots from the car, aerial shots, wide-angle footage, and more.

Check out the backstage from set where we captured the filming process.

ORBIS Production has an impressive base of high-end cinema equipment. With a first-class technical teams, creative pools, film crews, producers, and agency staff, the production company operates throughout Italy and the world in a full range of marketing communications.

One of the challenges was that the team had to shoot a large number of scenes during the day. Thanks to the precise production planning, we were able to perfectly capture all the necessary shots. and even more.
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Once all the filming was completed, ORBIS did full post-production, which comprised of voiceover, music, sound design, color correction and color grading, CGI, VFX, and much more, including a call sheet and all the attributes of Hollywood.

All filming was carried out in a flat profile. This means that all the shots were captured in "gray" tones in order to retain as much information as possible. During the post-production, ORBIS' talanted colorists graded the final video.

You can see the color grading process and before/after below.
Top Film and Video Production Company in Italy
Top Film and Video Production Company in Italy
Both the client and the target audience were very pleased with the outcome, and ORBIS received lots of praise:

The sound engineers and producers of the film held a voiceover talent casting and chose the top of the best, which were presented to the client.

After that, we confirmed the best talent and recorded the voiceover in a professional studio.
All the efforts resulted in the complete video production of a very complex promotional video the client needed for the launch of their latest innovative product.

Both the client and the target audience were very pleased with the outcome, and Orbis received lots of praise:

We chose to work with Orbis because they seemed to understand the project the best. They had very impressive videos with the look and feel we were after. Their proposal was not only the most professional but included elements that no other production company provided.
We were incredibly impressed by the outcome, and we also got an incredible amount of compliments on the video (also from the most critical audiences).
Sagit Adler, AutoTalks’ Marcom Manager
ORBIS Agency provides a full range of film and video production services in Italy and worldwide. This includes, but is not limited to, creative ideation, concept development, filming, post-production, distribution, and tracking key campaign performance metrics.

Find out what solutions ORBIS can offer to your brand - write to us today. Work with best, work with ORBIS – #1 Top Video Production Company in Italy and Europe, operating globally.

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