Corporate Film Production for AstraZeneca

This case study was prepared by Mike Lisjak, Executive Creative Director
at ORBIS Production
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Exploring brand philosophy: reviewing history, interesting facts, and milestones in development.

Introduction to the protagonist. Preparing script and storyboard.
Location scouting. Selecting and preparing film equipment. Film crew COVID testing.
Shooting a corporate film in various locations using the shot-list. Creating backups of all the material and sending the content to a post-production department.
Selecting the best shots. Conducting color grading, film editing, and optimization.
Global distribution. Film promotion.
AstraZeneca is one of the leading biopharmaceutical companies in the world. It was established in the year 1999 when Swedish company Astra AB and British company Zeneca Group merged together. This company is listed in the top ten of the world's largest manufacturers of prescription combination products. Furthermore, together with the University of Oxford, this corporation developed one of the first COVID-19 vaccines named "Vaxzevria" in 2020. Currently, this vaccine is the most demanded in the world.
Medical and Health video production in Italy and Europe

Going deeper into the history of this company and exploring development strategy, we created a corporation film with unique footage with inspiring stories of people who created the COVID-19 vaccine. This company focuses on patient interests and searching for innovative solutions, which makes AstraZeneca different from other companies.

This project, 'People behind the vaccine,' was shot in Italy, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain, and the United States. The story of every person who stands behind a vaccine is unique.

These are the heroes of our time who help make the world a better, safer, and healthier place every day.
AstraZeneca PLC
Feed Films
Catalent Pharma Solutions,
Anagni, Italy
Show a leader's daily activities. Convey emotions through interacting with close people. Show the global scale of manufacturing on a factory of 28'000 square meters.
1. Location scouting. Corporate filming in different locations. They are showing main productive capacities in the factory. Interview with a leader. Focusing on stories of people who are doing a great job creating a vaccine and trying to save the world.
ARRI Alexa Mini
Carl Zeiss Prime Set
DJI Ronin 2 with EasyRig
Tilta Nucleus M
Teradek Bolt
ARRI Skypanel
RODE Sound
Shogun 7''
Sony A7RIV
More than three terabytes of footage with ARRI Alexa Mini. Professional film editing, subtitles, color correction, adaptation, and sound-mixing. Following the story, we created an emotional film about people who create a safe future for the whole world.
Corporate films increase the brand's visibility and show the largest pharmaceutical company by inspiring stories about true leaders in science and life.
Executive Creative Director
Executive Producer
Key Account Manager
Mike Lisjak
Alenka Lisjak
Kety Faina
Lukas Knauf
Production Assistant
Director of Photography
1st AC
Marco Chizzola
Elen Rizzoni
Alessandro Mattozi
Helen Abbati
Orbis Production - video shooting for Christian Dior Couture
Orbis Production - video shooting for Christian Dior Couture
Orbis Production - video shooting for Christian Dior Couture
Orbis Production - video shooting for Christian Dior Couture
Orbis Production - video shooting for Christian Dior Couture
Orbis Production - video shooting for Christian Dior Couture
Orbis Production - video shooting for Christian Dior Couture
Orbis Production - video shooting for Christian Dior Couture
Orbis Production - video shooting for Christian Dior Couture
Orbis Production - video shooting for Christian Dior Couture
ORBIS Production team thanks AstraZeneca, factory Catalent, Barbara Sambuco, all staff, films agency, and partners of our video production company in Italy and the EU for assistance and participation in the filming.
It was a fantastic project, to which each of the employees ORBIS Production has breathed life into. From the beginning until the end, all of us worked hard on every piece of footage. Telling people's stories, it's essential to capture the atmosphere, emotions, and details of a huge picture and genius' who fight daily to save people's lives. It's a big responsibility, and we are proud that we could participate in this worldwide project and immortalized stories of eminent personalities.
Mike Lisjak, Executive Creative Director at ORBIS Production
The best professionals and scientists worldwide aim to make the vaccine AstraZeneca available in every part of our planet.

These moments are unique. Listen to their stories:
Factory Catalent, located in town Anagni, Italy, is producing incredible 50 million doses of vaccine every month. This was made possible through the people who put their lives on the line to fight against the pandemic. People whose stories were filled with a sense of life, big motivation, and dedication. People whose stories we want to tell through visual images.

ORBIS Production has an unrivaled experience, a well-organized professional team with an impeccable reputation, and is ready to work with all complex projects and industries. Over the past two years, we had made films for more than 30 pharmaceutical companies.

Demand for high-quality video, corporate films, and commercials for the healthcare industry is trending right now. Key to the credibility and interest in the brand is adequate customer information about scientific and innovative developments and the safety of the medications using high-quality films.

Creating a high-quality video for a business in 2021 is a necessary communication tool for a local and international audience. ORBIS Production is considered the best film production company in Italy and the EU because of the state-of-art production solutions for B2B and B2C and the tremendous loyalty of regular customers. Furthermore, ORBIS is the top-100 of the fastest-growing companies globally and a leader in the B2B market in Italy and the EU. We are pleased to share our experience with you. Write us an email or leave an application on our website. Our managers will arrange a meeting or reach out to you.

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